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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free DOC. Download Free PDF. Question: Is it true that the Earth has a second offsets? And if true, how humans have intervened in this? There is something called the Leap Year, that serves to compensate for all the time that the Earth is shifted phase displacement.

This is because certain frequencies, under which is mired time. Has this always been the case? In ancient times when humans lived according to the position of the Earth, time was accurate.

Today that affected the frequency of time; the time is shifted according to the cyclic motion of the Earth. Was it us, the way of life we have led? Awo Ifalenu note: What emerged years ago? The Christian Era, a calendar count calculated based on the birth of Jesus the Christ. Baba Will changing that Calendar and the use of that calendar will change that? What calendar is the one we must follow in the Yoruba tradition? Awo Ifalenu answer: They have a spiritual or religious Week of 4 days.

The 7 weeks of 4 days or the known calendar of the Moon of 4 Weeks of 7 days corresponds to seven days? You do not take into account the intermediate phases of the MOON. Awo Ifalenu question: Should the calendar begin with the New Moon?

You have to Measure 7 periods of four days each, and thus you will discover the phase cusp periods used by the Yoruba. Awo Ifalenu: currently they follow it? The Yoruba year ends in June. So what should we follow?Cuenta una leyenda yoruba que la muerte ikucada cinco dias descendia a la tierra matando decenas de personas en su plena juventud.

Orunmila consulto con su grupo de discipulos para ver como frenar esta situacion pues ya se habia hecho mania de iku ,venir y llevarse grandes cantidades de personas cada cinco dias. Tambien antes de ello, debian ofrecer alimentos de todo tipo a eshu odara. Se le advirtio a orunmila, no salir tampoco ese dia. Ese dia orunmila estaria adentro de su casa y cuando la muerte bajara se encontraria con eshu afuera. El dia fijado, como de costumbre, iku descendio y venia directo hacia casa de Orunmila.

Alli se encontro con eshu odara y este le pregunto: que se te ofrece?. Iku le respondio que ese dia venia a llevarse a orunmila y a algunos de sus seguidores. Eshu le respondio: Es facil, quedate aqui, reconoceras a sus discipulos por el ide, mientras llegan comparte conmigo esto que yo te ofrezco en senal de bienvenida Despues de persuadirlo, iku comenzo a comer todo lo que eshu odara le iba ofreciendo.

Inmediatamente de haber consumido de todoiku se disculpo diciendo que tenia que continuar su camino y darle cumplimiento a la tarea que se habia propuesto para ese dia. Eshu le pregunto: Iku, puede una persona matar a quien le ha dado de comer?

Iku respondio:, claro que no, eso es desagradecimiento y es castigado por la ley de olodumare. Eshu continuo. Entonces : que dirias si te dijese que la comida, las nueces de kola, los orogbos ,la bebida y el agua que has tomado fueron obsequiadas para ti por orunmila y sus seguidores? Iku respondio que no sabia de quien era esa comida, que pensaba que era de el. Eshu le respondio, :no no es mia y antes de sentarte a comer hubieses preguntado.

Iku entonces asinstio que ya no tenia moral para danar a orunmila y a sus seguidores, que no tenia otra opcion sino la de regresar a su reino. Orunmila estaba tan alegre que comenzo a alabar a aquellos que habian lanzado ifa para todos ese dia:. El hambre no se asentara nunca en la mente de uno.

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Pues para otras cosas debera tener espacio para deliberar fue lo profetizado por Ifa para orunmila cuando huia de la muerte. Este es el origen de la errada costumbre en la diaspora de atender a elegba el primer dia de la semana, o sea el lunes.Nigeria is the largest black nation on earth and it is rich in cultural heritages.

yoruba calendar 2019

There are more than ethnic groups and over different languages in Nigeria. Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo are the major ones. Each of these cultures has festivals which showcase their history and culture. Yoruba land has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. The richness of the Yoruba culture in Nigeria can be seen and experienced in their festivals. Some of these festivals attract Nigerians living abroad, spectators, and tourist from all around the world. Some of these festivals have even been upgraded by the government to promote income from tourism.

These festivals feature lots of entertainment which include traditional musicians with heavy rhythm and their traditional instrument, drums, and advanced percussion, various traditional Yoruba cultural dance, etc. Below are the popular Yoruba festivals that are celebrated every year in Nigeria.

Eyo Festival is a popular Yoruba festival peculiar to Lagos state.

2019 Olojo festival schedule

These costumed dancers are popularly called masquerades. The festival back in the early days started as a festival to escort the spirit of a dead Lagos king or high chief and to usher in the new king or chief. Although most of the Yoruba traditional religions have lost a majority of their followers to Christianity and Islam, the Eyo festival is still celebrated today as a tourist attraction. The festival generates revenue for small businesses around Lagos Island and also the Lagos State government.

The festival is held in honour of Queen Orosen, a goddess and a mythical wife of ancient Oluwo of Iwo, Olowo Rerengejen. The festival takes place every year in the month of September and lasts for seventeen days.

yoruba calendar 2019

During the festival celebration, the king of Owo and the high chiefs all dress like women wearing beaded gowns, coral beads, head gears and caps with their hair plaited. The Igogo Festival is also a time for the celebration of new yams. Lagos Black Heritage Festival is a prominent festival which takes place in Lagos every year. It is an annual colourful folk festival in Lagos State.


The Lagos Black Heritage Festival is a festival aimed to showcase the diversity and richness of the African heritage. The festival features a lot of events including the popular Lagos Carnival which is also known as the Caretta or Fanti Carnival of Lagos.

The annual event takes place on the Lagos Island with lots of display of troops dressed in beautiful costumes and also different forms of entertainment such as dance, drama, music, paintings, photo exhibition, etc. The festival always holds on the third day after Eid al-Kabir. Ojude Oba Festival is a festival that showcases history, legends, conquest, and diversity all in one event.

During the festival, a majority of indigenes of jebu Ode travel from far and near to pay homage to their king. More than two hundred and fifty thousand people from all over the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria attends the festival every year. The festival is a celebration of Ogun the god of Iron. Yoruba people believe that Ogun is the first son of Oduduwa.

yoruba calendar 2019

Oduduwa is believed to be the progenitor of the Yoruba race. On this day, the Ooni will visit different shrines to offer prayers for the peace in the Yoruba lands and in Nigeria. Ile-Ife is seen as the source or origin of the Yoruba race.All the yearly calendars are editable, so you may do the personalization you need easily and print it. The copyright and attribution text at the bottom should stay intact. Compatible with. Download and customize this printable yearly calendar template in the one-page word document.

The colourful, year at a glance template includes the US holidays. Preview Download. Download and personalize the editable blank yearly calendar template with notes space for the year in landscape layout document. PDF and jpg version also available. A clean design fillable annual calendar blank template in A4 size one-page word document. The landscape layout 12 months template is easily editable. Download and make your own annual planner with this classic design easily editable Microsoft Word template.

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An easy to write in free printable yearly calendar with US holidays. Download this portrait layout vertical design single page word template and make your own yearly planner. An easy to write in fillable yearly calendar template in a portrait layout Microsoft word format one-page template. The US holidays and large boxes for notes included. Download and personalize this cute, colorful yearly calendar design template for your kindergarten kids. A portrait layout template. Download this portrait layout editable calendar template in a half-page word document.

Other half page included holidays and notes space. Download this customizable year at a glance calendar template with the US holidays in one-page horizontal month design, landscape layout template. Customize this printable twelve months calendar in a one-page template.

Months are placed horizontally in the landscape layout Microsoft Word template. A clean design yearly calendar template with the US holidays at the bottom of the page. The one-page annual calendar is available in word, pdf and image format.

yoruba calendar 2019

Download this customizable word format blank two-page yearly calendar template for the year in landscape layout word document. Also available in pdf format.It is not clear if the Yoruba calendar uses intercalated days and leap days. Shouldn't the calendar example for the 4-day week have days of June progress in columns, like the 7-day week example? Karl talk6 October UTC. I decided to Google "Yoruba Calendar" and found nothing useful in the written pages, but found some images that reveal a Traditional Yoruba Calendar whose years have days made up of 13 months of 28 days.

This link is a blog, so does make a valid source. Another image [2] shows a calendar for with highlighted days occurring 5 days later in the Gregorian calendar than inso correspond to traditional month starts. Is that right? Does anyone have any pre sources? At this point there's evidence of people actually using the epoch, at least in a few Facebook posts; I'm not sure whether that complicates things.

Seems to be a "look at this fun fact from Wikipedia" thing. Patallurgist talk2 January UTC. Doug Weller : Thanks for your edits. My best guess here is that the calendar is at least mostly genuine but the epoch was invented by this guy Alaran or was otherwise pretty obscure, since I couldn't find anything online see above.

I'm unsure if we should remove it entirely or keep it with appropriate qualifying statements. Patallurgist talk10 May UTC. The Journal of African History Vol. The first is to offer a translation of a history of Oyo, written in Yoruba and published in I This short book, written by M. The second aim is to provide a short analysis of the book along with a biography of its author,", and a useful excerpt is " The topic addressed in chapter nine is religion. The major contribution of Adeyemi to contemporary literature on Oyo religion is a calendar of religious worship.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hidden categories: Past proposed deletion candidates. Namespaces Article Talk.Hi, is this the calendar for June? It has 30 days but it says May at the top. Please clarify, Thanks for posting this. Great site! If you look on the top it says may. When May is over and June begins, they will post up the June one shortly. Modupe for taking up the responibility of posting this calender for all of us.

We need to be in accordance eith one another. Modupe for posting on a consistent basis the Ifa calendar as well as the Itadogun readings this helps so much! Greeting to you. Please check it now as we have updated it now. Thank you for your feedback. Happy New Year! Several references to prayer schedule for osanyin have been asked no response could you respond please? I was asking for other orisa time is their any kind if schedule for osanyin.

Do you what is the protocol for these situations? Alafia ni! When you you post the November calendar. Do they change much from month to month? Also I asked about osanyin in prayer calendar.

Printable 2019 Calendars

Is he generally included or does it vary from Ile to Ile or egbe? Just found this site! So glad I did…. Keep up the awesome work! Maferefun Olodumare in all things…may the Divine continue to bless you. Thank you for the reminder. Please check it again now. We were out of town for the past few days so we were unable to update until today.

Yahoo makes it easy to enjoy what matters most in your world.

IRE O. Thanks for posting Sept Ifa orisha calendar for …. I always follow you with profound interest…. Thanks Okan tomi…… Mo Dupe.The Yoruba calendar Kojoda year starts from 3 June to 2 June of the following year.

According to this calendar, the Gregorian year was the th year of Yoruba culture. The traditional Yoruba week has four days. The 4 days that are dedicated to the Orisa go as follow:. To reconcile with the Gregorian calendar, Yoruba people also measure time in seven days a week and four weeks a month. The four day calendar was dedicated to the Orisas and the seven day calendar is for doing business.

Time is measured in isheju minuteswakati hoursojo daysose weeksoshu months and odun years. There are 7 ojo in 1 ose; 4 ose in 1 oshu and 52 ose in 1 odun. There are 12 oshu in 1 odun. The traditional Yoruba calendar Kojoda has a 4-day week and 91 weeks in a year. The Yoruba year spans from 3 June of a Gregorian calendar year to 2 June of the following year.

According to the calendar developed by Remi-Niyi Alaran the Gregorian year is the th year of Yoruba records of time. The alternative day names are of Islamic origin. Oduduwa endows the ebony dark skin pigment that accords greatest gifts of spirituality, beauty and intellect to the bearer. The essence of procreative love.

The custodian of truth and executioner of justice, as such patron of the legal and counselling professions who must swear to uphold truth while biting on a piece of metal. Egungun Commemoration of the Ancestors, including community founders and illustrious dead. Mass gathering of the yoruba. Custodian of nightmares and patron of assassins. Solemn candlelight to guide the unsettled away from your residence, else they settle in your dolls or other toys.


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